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Work with me

Email specialist: My main focus is helping small businesses increase their sales by tapping the hidden value of their email lists. I write emails that your customers look forward to reading and are ready to buy from.

Direct response copywriter: I have over a decade of experience writing sales pages, website copy, newsletters, and engaging content.

Marketing strategist: I have a gift for getting inside the heads of your clients and formulating the perfect offer for them. Marketing platforms I designed for consultants and small businesses (both online and offline) are still generating income after five years.

Who I work with: Generally my clients are information marketers, consultants, small business owners and publishers. I specialize in marketing information products, high-priced workshops and self-improvement services. I have over a decade of experience in the health and self-medication industry.

How I work: Most of my clients find me by referral and hire me for long-term or ongoing projects. I don’t accept rush jobs. I only accept projects that are a good fit for both parties, but am often able to suggest other copywriters who might be a better fit.

Fee: Once I have a fuller understanding of your needs, I will propose a project fee based on my standard rates. My fee schedule begins at $2,000 for short-term projects. Depending on my availability, I am sometimes hired on a retainer basis for ongoing work requiring priority access, with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

I encourage you to reach out to me to discuss your aims and the challenges you are facing. If we’re a good match, I’ll recommend some next steps.